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First Non-Tech Sponsor for AFQY!

Posted by Alex Chai on
First Non-Tech Sponsor for AFQY!

8 Water is very excited to be the very first Non-Tech sponsor for AFQY in their 9 year history. 

AFQY stands for A Few Quiet Yarns. It is a unique networking event held nationwide where there is a rule of strictly no selling. AFQY's philosophy of personalising business where people meet the person, not their suit aligns well with 8 Water where we want people to learn about our story and meet the people behind the brand.

The Founder Ryan Ashton created AFQY to be an event where the environment is carefully engineered for connecting with like minded people from across the Business, Digital and Technology industry.

​There have been 92 Events and over 5000 Attendees over the 9 Years of AFQY.
To learn more about AFQY click here 


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