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8Water Artesian Water - 500ml PET

8Water Artesian Water - 500ml PET


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Refreshing artesian water for everyday hydration. Every day as in when you’re working out, working, on the go, or just need your 8 glasses a day fulfilled.


8Water is good, trust us “flying kiwis”. Okay well its naturally filtered through the high up ranges of NZ over a very very long time (80 years is very long right?!) and finds its way back up from 250 metres of exceptional underground views.

Product and materials is 100% locally sourced, kiwis working together to bring you 8Water.

Sleek, contoured, and swirling waves on the bottle to make you forget its a bottle. (Most importantly, fits in your car cup holder!)

BPA FREE bottles and made of recyclable plastic. When you’re done with it, do your part as good kiwi you are and add it to the recycling bin.